Earth Week at The New School ’17

LEAP Entrepreneurship Club presented the work they have been doing in collaboration with Sure We Can at the first event of Earth Week at The New School – Sustainapalooza. Agustina Besada from Sure We Can also joined us to spread awareness about the work they do for the canner community in Brooklyn, improving their source of livelihood by providing them with a source of income and community space.

Sustainapalooza is an annual event for young people engaged in efforts to facilitate enhanced urban resiliency and sustainability. This year, Sustainapalooza took place on Saturday, April 15th with the theme of health – personal, ecological, and social.


LEAP organized and collection campaign for  plastic bottles and aluminium cans at The New School during Earth Week to encourage people to recycle their waste. We reached out to everyone at The New School community to support Sure We Can’s mission by donating their cans at bottles. By providing information of where the bottles and cans would be going after the were collected, our aim was to ensure that the people who threw their waste in those bins knew that their waste would be recycled by Sure We Can. 

We placed the bins at 3 different locations across campus with clear signage indicating where to throw their bottles and cans. At the end of Earth Week at The New School, we bagged the bottles and cans to send them to Sure We Can. On Earth Day, 22nd April, we have asked volunteers to join us at Sure We Can and sort what we have collected.

Location 1: The University Center, Lobby (63, 5th Ave)

Location 2: The Innovation Center, 6th Floor (6 E, 16th St.)

Location 3: The Making Center, 2nd Floor (2W, 13th St.)


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