Narwhal Tank: Complexity & Innovation Systems

LEAP conducted a workshop at the 3rd annual Design Intelligence Conference hosted by the MS SDM Program at Parsons. The theme of the conference was: Designing for Global Volatility – as designers and change agents it is up to us to look at what is design’s role in this new era of rapid changes.

Our workshop – ‘Narwhal Tank’ (The New School version of Shark Tank) focused on complexity and innovation systems. During the first part of the conference we invited the audience to interact by crowdsourcing on a post-it wall: problems, trends, organizations and formal institutions that exist today in modern cities.

This crowdsourced data was used to workshop a simple method to analyse how the parts of a system work together in terms of cause and effect. The objective was to identify opportunities on challenging current paradigms – with a purpose. By the end, the participants got to pitch the concept of their innovative proposal to a select jury, members of our own Narwhal Tank: Raz Godelnik, Adam Hayes, Mark Leal and Gabor Tancovics.

The other workshops that took place during the Design Intelligence Conference:


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