Stop Being Financially Illiterate – with Craig Bromberg

Despite the cold and even a few inches of snow outside, we kicked of the Spring 2017 Business and Finance workshop series in a packed Wollman Hall on March 10th. For over two hours Craig Bromberg, adjunct professor of Strategic Management, lead a session around KPI’s and ROI – and proved that numbers are anything but boring.

Using raw theory, case studies and real-world examples from two start-up founders: Nick Morozowich from Kosi and Nis Frome from Alpha, Craig illustrated with great skill how to set and interpret metrics for your organization.

As promised at the workshop, we are sharing Craig’s presentation with all of you so you have access to his slides:

Analytics, KPIs, ROI – Craig Bromberg



The Parsons Design Process focuses on identifying opportunities to be explored and challenged to develop innovative alternatives to address a wicked problem. LEAP Entrepreneurship Club invites The New School Community to a workshop to help you develop skills to grapple with the evolving global economy. By developing an understanding of the financial models that combine multiple metrics into an overall view of revenue knowledge to estimate the potential value of these proposals.


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