LEAP Hackathon

LEAP organised a hackathon for its team members to develop two concept proposals. The aim was to brainstorm different user testing methods for the initial prototyping phase of those concepts.


LEAP organized their first Hackathon on March 11th 2016 where the winning entrepreneurial ideas were kicked off. As a connected innovative platform, LEAP invited their participant members to submit entrepreneurial ideas to go through a voting process from which 2 projects were selected finalists:

  • A Boutique Tea & Rice E-commerce Business
  • Tourer Navigator: Mobile App

The main objective of the hackathon was to cultivate these ideas using the club’s most important asset: a group of proactive people. We were divided into 2 teams and ran a number of design based activities focused on analyzing the real-world, user-centered design challenges each idea presented.




To further develop these ideas we had a guest from The New School community, Professor Michelle L. Henderson who held a 101 workshop to Revenue Models. By the end of the day each team presented observations and identified assumptions to get feedback from the other team, this led to significant insights to set the tone for the next steps.


The next day was focused on further developing the concept and creating a prototype to test the team’s assumptions. The teams further collaborated and discussed their ideas after this hackathon and worked on developing their proposals.


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